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Central Library is a true reflection of Physical Education & Sports culture of excellence which is known country wide. The library like all vibrant and productive organizations, strives to keep pace with a global, dynamic, and technology-enabled information environment to meet the expectations of its users. Central Library during the year continued to march to its mission of facilitating the creation of new knowledge through the acquisition, organization and dissemination of library materials. It offered arrange of services including reference and consultation, membership and circulation, document delivery, resource sharing, information alert service, user awareness programmes.


(a) A large number of professional books, literature & research journals are available in the library. There is a unique collection of 60,000 books related to Physical Education and Sports of foreign and Indian Authors. There is Interlibrary withdrawal and reprography facilities available in the Library.

 (b) The Library is famous for rare collection of books besides being equipped with Xerox Machine, Micro Film Reader for use by the students and others visiting the library.

 (c) In order to make the study material available on internet, the library is provide computers with internet facility for the use of Research Scholars.

 (d) The Library has equipped with highly sensitive security system, which is rarely available in the libraries. The entire area of the Central Library has been converted into a WI-FI Zone which helps the scholars to down load the research materials.

 (e) Rarely available microfilm and video cassettes and E-Books on CD-ROM's were consulted in depth study of the subject by the students.

(f) The Central Library is also offered current awareness service through its E-Mail-ID : lnipecentrallibrary@gmail.com


Total Build up area of this floor is : 1850.29 sq.mtr and it has the  following sections :

(A) Periodical Section : The Total area of it’s study hall is 338.90 sq.mtr. more then 4550 back Volumes of Journals are store in it. Also provision for display of latest periodicals for readers. 80 students can be sit at a time in the section. [List of Journals]

 There is a separate office measuring 15”x15” for its incharge and separate room for micro film Reader, where are 70 microfilms and others non book material are store for research scholars. The central library subscribe 45 International Journals and 20 National Journals Related to physical education and its allied areas.

(B) Reading Hall :- Carpet area of this hall is 529.37 sq.mtr. There is provision for the office of Asst. Librarian, Library Committee Office and for Reference Services. There is Provision for seats of 200 students for Reading & Reference Works. Latest Magazines and Informative Materials of various organizations of institutions are display in reading room for current awareness.

(C) Catalogues Areas :- Carpet area of this services is 169.84 sq.mtr.. The catalogue of the books stored in the Central Library are arranged in six cabinets by subject and Author Name. The Central Library has subscribed 20 number of News Papers, which are display on the stands in the Catalogue area.

(D) Library Office :- The Total Area is 150.00 sq.mtr. Where is office of the Librarian and book acquision sections are running successfully.                              .

(E) Circulation Section :- The working area of this section is 8x8 sq.mtr in the Centre of the Library first floor. All the members of the Central Library gets their books through the Circulation  Section Double window system is followed by the Library. One window  for issue of books and another window for return of books.


The total build up area of this floor is : 1828.65 sq.mtr and it has following sections :

(A) Reference Section :- The study area of this section is 239.5 sq.mtr. The reference section mainly consist of reference books i.e. encyclopedia – (Multi Volumes)Year Books, Hand Books, Directories, Dictionaries, Biographies, Maps, Atlas and other Geographical sources. 50 students can sit in that section and consult the reference materials.

(B) Conference Hall :- the total carpet area of the hall is 168.80 sq.mtr. it is duly furnished by nice enterer and suitable provision for the seating of  70 No. of participants.

(C) Thesis Section :- The carpet area of this section is 225.7 sq.mtr. Thesis of M.P.E., M.Phil. and Ph.D. scholars are arranged in glass cupboards  in chronological order Total No. of thesis are 4800. This section has four cubical for foreign/outside scholars for deep study. Sixty students can  be seated in this section. [List of Thesis]

(D) Digital Library :- The provision for area in this library is limited in 154.02 sq.mtr. Area, where 12 Nos. of computer are arranged in LAN Manner for consultation of thesis and rare books On-Network, which are search by Author Name, Year of Publication, Title, Guide and related keywords. Thesis has been completed by University student & staff scanned and saved in a server of Digital Library in the form of E-Book up to 2010.

Total 1,75,000 pages of the theses and dissertations has been scanned by the scanner of high resolution and create separate E-Book for every thesis and dissertation.

(E) Photo Gallery  :-The Total area of photo gallery is 150 sq.mtr., about 270 photo graphs related with the history of the University are displayed on the photo frames.


Carpet area of book storage stacking space is 1502.00 sq.mtr. There is also Provision for binding section, News Paper Store, Technical Section, Book Bank and Stores for old items, this area is 224.94 sq.mtr., 55,000 Books are arranged in stack by Dewey Decimal Classification scheme.

          000    Generalities

          100    Philosophy, Parapsychology and Occultism, Psychology

          200    Religion

          300    Social Science

          400    Language

          500    Natural Science and Mathematics

          600    Technology (Applied Sciences)

          700    The Arts Fine and Decorative Arts

          800    Literature (Belles-Letters) and Rhetoric

          900    Geography, History and Auxiliary Disciplines